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June 18, 2012

all i need....

sparklers, love, and a rooftop.

all i need to ask is:
what is the next single thing i can do to align myself with love and grace?

all i need to remember is that it anything lacking it will never bring peace.

all i need know is that life is so much easier when love is infused into it.

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June 17, 2012


Dad and Forest, Canon 300D

*this was an entry from 2004. As i was writing today's post for Father's Day, I found myself writing the exact same things, so here it is again. And I still mean every single word...Love you Dad.

thank you for being such a great dad.
thank you for teaching me how to fish,
dig for my own worms, and bait my own hook.
thank you for taking me with you every
saturday morning to see the horses.
thank you for teaching me how to swim in the ocean
~my second home.
thank you for all the trips you took us on,
indeed, some of my most treasured memories.
thank you for being so generous and for helping so many people.
~ ive always admired that about you.
thank you for letting me ski down Big Burn
with Lizzy on that first ski trip.
thank you for teaching me how to play golf,
even though i would rather just drive the cart.
thank you for your constant support
throughout my career.
thank you for teaching me about patience.
thank you teaching me to take risks.
thank you for saying "its only a car"
when i crashed it for the second time.
thank you for the assurance that no matter what happens,
i know you will be there for me.
thank you for playing hangman on the church bulletin
with me when the service was getting too long and a bit boring.
thank you for helping me save the fish when the pond flooded.
thank you for letting me stand up through the sunroof
while you drove really fast so i could pretend like i was flying.
thank you for sharing your love of nature and wildlife.
~its such a part of who i am.

thank you for your kindness and love, Dad...i am lucky to have you.

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June 16, 2012


grace and amy...

treasure your friends with all of your heart

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