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May 29, 2012

beauty. . .


The beauty of this world often stops me dead in my tracks.
I hope I never forget to keep looking for it...

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May 24, 2012

wishes. ..

*photo from my beautiful friend, Maddie

I wish for you a place that provides beauty for your soul,
that you will do one thing today that makes you really happy,
and that you find relief from your worries.

I wish you wisdom for your decisions,
strength to let go of what no longer works,
and the best kind of support to surround you.

I wish you healing.
I wish you comfort for your aches.
I wish you courage to keep going.

I wish you a day unplugged from the things that drain you,
time with someone you love,
and an out-of-this-world moment in nature.

I wish you the kind of peace that goes deep,
I wish you freedom from head chatter.
I wish you hope, I wish you love.

I wish you an adventure that changes your life,
and the push you need to make that happen.

I wish for you every single thing that will fill your heart up somethin' good.


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May 13, 2012

Mother's day, the second year.


i didn't think i could miss you any more than i already do...

but i miss you more now than ever before.

there are so many things i want to talk with you about,
and i so wish i could hear your voice.

i know i was lucky to have you for 44 years,
but i wanted you for 20 more.

actually, i would do anything for just one more day with you.

they say that heaven must have needed an angel,
but you belong to us, and we need you more than heaven.
heaven has enough already.

(still... i am so glad you no longer have to feel so sick.)

i miss you...

you were the best Mom,
the only one for me.

and i love you forever.

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