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April 17, 2012

Love is the Answer

fern heart.

"And when you feel afraid,
Love one another.

When you've lost your way,
Love one another.

And when you're all alone,
Love one another.

And when you're far from home,
Love one another.

And when you're down and out,
Love one another.

And when your hopes run out,
Love one another.

And when you need a friend,
Love one another.

And when you're near the end,

We've got to love.

We've got to love one another."

(Love is the Answer ~ England Dan and John Ford Coley)

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April 12, 2012



Even though I know better, I still do it.

I often expect people to respond and to react the same way I would in a situation.

As if my way is the right way.

Even though I know we all have different ideas of truth,
Even though I know we come with different perspectives and feelings,
Even though I know we can never really know a person's full story,
Even though I know we were all raised differently,
and even though I have been wrong so many times ~

I still have a part of me that carries that kind of judgment. And
this way of thinking only leads to more negativity. It engages my Ego, and makes me feel crappy.

It is so important to me to have a heart that is free from judgment.
Even though I consider myself to be very open-minded, understanding, and liberal in my beliefs, judgment still lurks within. Even though I may not voice it,
it still exists and I do not like it. Not one bit.

Just today I was so annoyed with someone because I thought they were being so totally judgmental. I made all kinds of assumptions about this person, pegging them for being a negative, close minded, angry, jealous, mean person.
Until I realized, and humbly so, that now I was being the offender.

I was judging them by thinking they were judgmental. Argh!

I have made it my practice to try and whisper a prayer when I find myself carrying judgment. Because after all, there is nothing like praying for someone that takes the edge off, but more importantly, returns me to a place of love.

And this is where I want to be, and this is where I want to stay...

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April 01, 2012

something beautiful. . .


may the grace of God be with you always in your heart
may you know the truth inside you from the start
may you find the strength to know that you are
a part of something beautiful...
Alexi Murdoch : Something Beautiful

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