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June 28, 2010

Orangy Porangy

Almost everyone knows my all time favorite place to shop for skirts is at Orangy Porangy. So it's hard for me to bypass the farmers market in Madison when I know Natalie has a booth there!
I have 8 of her skirts, and they are my forever go-to threads. (LOVE THEM!) I'm happy to announce that she and her husband have opened a new store called Zip Dang so be sure to check it out!

(one more reason to love Wisconsin!)




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June 27, 2010

why i love Wisconsin

the small towns

the animal art....

cheese curds aplenty!

cow fan clubs....

folks who come from everywhere just to race on their bikes through the woods....

supper clubs and milty wilty's...

things like this to take photos next to.

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June 24, 2010

Thea. . .


The thing about my friends, is that most of them live too darn far away.
So when I get a chance to see them, I treasure the time, even if it is only for a couple days...Thea is one of those friends. Thea is unbelievably cool ( in the way we all wish we were, and try to be, but can't really pull it off!) and she doesn't even know it. (which makes her even cooler.) Her heart is one of the golden kind of hearts, hard to find these days...

She is a rockin' photographer and has a natural way of seeing the beauty in others and capturing it on film. I've seen her work her magic again and again, and Thea delivers.

What I admire most about her though, is how hard she works on her journey here on earth. How she is dedicated to soulful living and keeping it real.
(im really proud of her) :)

Thank you for your friendship dear Thea, and for knowing how to make me laugh until I wheeze!

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June 14, 2010


*Created by Karen

For the past couple years I have joined up with 13 good friends on the gorgeous Oregon Coast. It has become one of the trips I treasure deeply.These friends have taught me so much, loved me so well, encouraged and supported me in my day to day life. I value this so very much.
Below are links to their websites , so you too can share in all their goodness... It won't take long to see how incredibly creative and inspiring each of them are ~ wowza! But what I find to be the very most beautiful thing about these women, is how stellar their hearts are, and how committed they are to bringing more love to this planet..And to be surrounded with that kind of hope all at one time, is the right kind of medicine for my soul. This year I will not be able to make that trip out West, :( but I know there will be years of gatherings to look forward to and I have pockets stuffed with great memories to last me until I see them all again...

Today I celebrate each of you, and am so grateful you showed up in my life...

Mati Rose

Kelly Rae

Tracey Clark




Jen Lee



Jen Lemen




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