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July 31, 2009

perfect day

death valley view

its a perfect day ~ and one that cannot be ignored or lost,
so instead of trying to post something wonderful or hopeful,
im going to hit the open road and get lost for a good chunk of time..

i wish for you today, the time to do one thing you love the most...
try to work it in somehow. just one thing...

peace out

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July 29, 2009


county fair, mini pageant

what if the pretty ticket were taken out of the equation?

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July 25, 2009

after all is said done....

photo taken by the wonderful Ms Tracey Clark at Shutter Sisters (of my fav little girl scout camera)

just want you to know it was your kindness that impressed me the most.
your heart warrants a double take...

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July 20, 2009


pew graffiti, geneva il

back in the day, we didnt do "journaling", we just wrote in our diaries. (i had a hollie hobbie yellow diary, with a little combination lock.)

during this recent move, i came across that old diary of mine. the entries were often hilarious " I used to like Steve M but he shoved me on the way to gym so I dont like him anymore and now I like Johnny R... My teacher hates me and I had to sit at the back table because I threw a a clay wad at Lito but he threw it at me first...

but i also found a number of pages that were ripped out. those were the pages i wrote about things that i knew i would be mortified ( or in trouble) if anyone ever read..and those pages i would rip up in little pieces and sprinkle them down the creek in our back yard.

i often notice that same feeling of fear when i am trying to write an entry for this blog. i feel i need to be careful... aware that relatives or children or clients often visit here, i just dont want to offend or anger or shock or upset anyone.
on many levels, this is a wise choice, but on another level, it is very restricting. some of what i feel are my most powerful entries, i have a deleted because it borders on the risky side.. like ripping up pages and sending them down the creek, i keep so much of what i want to say hidden away.

One person who has helped me work through so much of what blocks me and who continues to inspires me in my writing (and in my life) is SARK.
SARK has helped me so much in finding the space i need and the permission i need to release all the words stuck inside of me. i have always admired how honest, straight forward, tender, and brave she is in the way she expresses herself.

this is why im so excited to share with you that she is currently offering a beautiful e-program called "Juicy Journaling with SARK! This e-program is a juicy new journey through words, feelings, and fabulously juicy living. SARK designed this eProgramto inspire writers of any and all levels to go new places with words. It'soverflowing with multi-media tools to unearth your writing voice and nourish your soul. You can take a look at sample lessons, audio, and more, at: "

Planet Sark

***And a big grateful THANK YOU to SARK for choosing this site to be featured in the Program as one of SARK's favorite resources for writers...i am so very honored...you are forever an inspiration to me and i love you big. ***

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July 15, 2009

someone you should know. . .

marlene in derek and lauren's class at S.A.W

This past June I met so many amazing folks... Among one of my favorites was Marlene White who was the videographer for the Squam Art Workshops.
I had such good fun running around with Marlene as she did her magic.
She is so amazing and so creative and so soulful....not to mention, she can perform a specific scene from Dirty Dancing which left me on the floor laughing....
Her paintings, her videos, her photos, her creative projects, are just a small
sliver of her beautiful heart...

Those of you going to S.A.W. this fall will have the joy of getting to meet her...

Thank you Marlene for your delightful spirit and your giving heart...

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July 14, 2009

so much more.

continuous treats, s.a.w

"You are not the limitation you have been taught to believe..."
~Pat Rodegast

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July 09, 2009

someone. . .

loving all things maya made

".. if everyone opened their hearts,
they'd see that every human is holy to someone"
~ Graham Nash, Jeff Pevar

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July 06, 2009

in case you forgot.

my favorite little treat created by the lovely and dear marisa

you deserve to be happy.
you deserve to be safe.
you deserve to be cherished.
you deserve to be heard.

you deserve help.
you deserve rest.
you deserve kindness.
you deserve freedom.

you deserve support.
you deserve peace.
you deserve goodness.
you deserve wellness.

you deserve forgiveness.
you deserve compassion.
you deserve joy.
you deserve healing.

you deserve love.

yes you.

you really do.

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