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June 30, 2009

making wishes....

hand model olivia, holding a perfectly delightful cupcake by the divine Betz White

ive been thinking alot about dreams and wishes..

ones that came true,
ones i let go,
ones that came out differently,
ones which have dissolved,
the ones i never imagined....

ive been thinking about how so many of the things i wished for have actually happened, but i never really took the time to rest in the joy of that goodness for very long because i was too busy charging ahead after the next one.

last night, i was doing that very thing...already running ahead in my mind to what i want, need, must do, in the very near future. and it occurred to me that this type of thinking was stealing away from me enjoying the dream which is now sitting in my lap.

i feel a constant pressure to manifest, to create,
to secure my future, that i seem to have a hard time doing the relishing,
taking time to dine,
forcing my mind to take a siesta....

even though there are a million things i should be working towards today, im going to work on NOT doing that, but taking the deserving time to celebrate what surrounds me now.

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June 23, 2009

chop wood, carry water.

st.albans bay, vermont

sorry for the lack of posting,
ive been on the road and am now in the middle
of moving.

after having spent much of my work time on the computer,
it is amazingly refreshing to be doing such physical work...
the kind of work that musters up a sweaty head and aching muscles.

these days ive been sporting work gloves, protective eye ware, work boots,
and i have to say, i dig it.

please forgive my unanswered emails, i will start to go through them all when i am back on line next week.

wishing you well,

jen gray

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June 16, 2009

love love love...




It was the best wedding ive ever been to...Congrats Heather and Chris, we love you and are so happy you are in our lives...

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