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April 29, 2009


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April 28, 2009

the not good enough lie.

Misiones De Kino, cabo

this deal about you not being good enough,
and not being smart enough,
and not being creative enough,
and not being strong enough ~

it's just not working for you anymore.

it's a lie to keep you stuck.

and im not buying it.

and if you say to me, "But even my partner and my family doesnt believe i am capable...."

then i will say to you,
"You need to find and listen to the people who WILL support you,
and arent afriad of you breaking out of the mold."

there isnt a soul on the planet who hasn't experienced the doubtful chatter
alongside the creation.
there isnt a person out there who wasnt somehow discouraged, not supported,
or ridiculed at some point during the pursuit
of their dreams.

but it is your choice of how much air time you are going to give that negative chatter.
and it is your choice of who you are going to allow to influence you and who you will invite to inspire you...

this is your life.

enough already.

you have beautiful things to share with the rest of the world.

now giddy up and get a move on.

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April 24, 2009

light me up like the sun....

walking angel, cemetery (another pulled from the archives) Mamiya 645d

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April 23, 2009

behind you...

one from long ago, down on the bike path ~ mamiya 645d

she would often say to me:

"dont forget to take a look back at the trail you are leaving behind..."

is it one of love
is one of bitterness
is one of goodness
is it one of anger?
is it a path filled with adventure
or one caked with fear?
is it a path riddled with regret
or one decorated with peaceful assurance? "

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April 22, 2009


rail over river

there is an old railroad bridge that goes across the river in our town.
its far from safe, im surprised they havent closed it off to the public.

still, i love walking on it.
always wondering if the boards beneath my feet will hold me....

i like to imagine all the stories that traveled along these tracks....
this town was a stopping point for many who sought escape
through the Underground Railroad System.

and for many, this was the last bridge they crossed as they stepped into freedom.

it's a holy place, these tracks. and while there are about 6 churches
just up the road, this is where i prefer to go when i need to touch sacred.

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April 21, 2009

weaving. . . . . .


there is a robin building a nest outside,
just above the window beside our bed.

i left some pretty yarn
on the ground for her
and she used it to weave part of her home.

and somehow
this made my day absolutely perfect.

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April 18, 2009



ive been juggling several different projects for the past few months
now, which has me working days and evenings and weekends...
(so grateful for the work of course)

ive always been good at play and ive always been totally permissive about
taking the time to do what feeds my spirit with no apologies.
but i haven't done that in awhile...
caving into all this fear based economy chat, i have adapted to doing as much work as i can in the short amount of time i have available.

but not for today.

today we are getting out of the house
away from computers and tasks and phones
and deadlines and are going to take the time
to add a little flava of play into the mix...

just the remedy i need....

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April 15, 2009


bird party, mexico

“The most effective kind of education is that a child should
play amongst lovely things.” Plato

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April 13, 2009

worth repeating....

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it was dangerous for her to look at those kind of open roads.
equally dangerous for her to browse through those old maps
she kept in the 3rd desk drawer down.

her aspirations had nothing to do with
the staus quo ~ with having a traditional family,
a specific house in a specific zipcode,
fame, success, a size zero, or wealth....

the fix she was looking for had to do with a thousand big pines
and an undisturbed forest floor.
the things she craved were those of a countryside view with a
fire red sun and a billion acres of clean air.

sometimes she felt like an immigrant in the very place she was born and raised. doing her best to get along, and fit into the lifestyle she was surrounded by, but always knowing, this was not her place, this was not her home.

so she would travel, as often as she could, hoping this would curb her cravings. but in many ways, it only made her more her hunger pains worse. and to complicate her head further, she found herself also missing even more than before, her one small nest where the the rest of her life and love waited...
could she even enjoy these adventures if her heart had no one to return to?
and was there a way to have both?

.......she couldnt help but wonder
if perhaps someone was not paying close attention on the day her soul was being designed... forgetting to add the extra cup of contentment for a ordinary life, sprinkling in too much wanderlust, undercooking her heart so that it remained
forever raw and tender.

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April 10, 2009

Jen Lemen

meet jen lemen...
and have a tiny peek into her beautiful heart.
she is one of those friends,
one of those women,
whom when you meet,
or talk with,
or listen to,
or sit beside in silence and drink in an ocean view,

you leave feeling like you just got doubly blessed....

there are a million things to love about jen
the way she parents,
the way she loves,
the way she sees things,
the way she is able to make things happen.

Jen is ridiculously creative,
she is so committed to this life,
and to doing whatever she can to assist in the healing this world craves and needs...

she isnt afraid to do the work,
and she isnt afraid to stand up for what she knows to be true.

jen lemen is a work of art, hanging on the wall of my heart,
inspiring me to be true to my soul and my journey here.

watch this video and you will see why i love her so..

Crossing the Threshold from LittlePurpleCow Productions on Vimeo.

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April 09, 2009


the things we collect, over yonder.

“Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not;
remember that what you now have
was once among the things you only hoped for.”
~ Epicurus

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April 07, 2009

The Photo Session....

magic created by Denise

truth be told, i hate having my picture taken.
i squirm on the inside.....and when i agreed to do a photo session, the squirms were totally activated. i started out not even looking at the camera, actually, walking away from it.
but she was patient,
and she was sensitive to my shyness...
and she intuitively knew what would work
best for me to feel at ease,
snuggled down right next to what i relate to most.
and within a matter of minutes,
she had me rolling around on the ground, all while
being up close and personal with the lens.
she knew what setting, what position gelled with who i am.
she knew i would feel most at home rolling around
on the ground, knee deep in nature...
(smart cookie, that Denise!)

she made me feel pretty, and hey,
its not that i feel like i am a big dog, but i certainly
dont do a kick-line when i look in the mirror these days.

i didnt feel self conscious about this or that, because she was wise enough to
have me engaged with what made my soul happy and that melted all that other stuff away.

this photo session was the first time,
ever, that i feel at ease and comfortable.
and its because of the woman behind the camera.

i love and respect the way Denise works ~
how gentle her heart is, how she intertwines
her brilliant creativity with her mystical intuition...

Denise and i are collaborating on a beauty of a project together,
involving photography, and music, and video, and the stories that happen
behind the scenes...Take a peek at Denise and my Godchild, HERE and read more
about the work we are doing....
I feel extra lucky to be able to work with her,
but a million times more lucky just to have her as a good and dear friend. . .


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April 06, 2009





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April 05, 2009

here's to the crazy ones.. .

barbie escapes..

Here’s to the crazy ones.
The misfits. The rebels. The troublemakers.
The round pegs in the square holes. The ones who see things differently.

They’re not fond of rules.
And they have no respect for the status quo.
You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them.
About the only thing you can’t do is ignore them.
Because they change things. They push the human race forward.
And while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius.
Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world,
are the ones who do.

Think Different, Apple Ad Campaign

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April 04, 2009



Right on Iowa!
What good news to celebrate!

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