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November 30, 2008

live for the sounds....

something naughty for sure.
jen and ali

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November 27, 2008


little rocks, sunset

we have been learning with every
wipe-out, there is always something
or someone still worth getting
up for.

with each diagnosis, we learned to be thankful for the
parts that are still healthy and strong.

with each dark day, we learned to absolutely
treasure the easy sunny ones.

with every news report and worldly update,
we have taken hope in our new President
and the good changes to come.

with the loss of friends and loved ones we
learned to value the days we have still have
left with you.

to be able to say:

"i have shelter.
i have food for my belly,
i have the love of a pal,
i have my freedom,
and i still have some pretty good laughs..."

means you are doing,

and if you have more than that,
these days,
that makes you a king.

learning to be thankful when things are easy and breezy is one thing.
being able to be thankful when you have had a more than a few wipe-outs,
makes you especially beautiful and wise and right on.

happy thanksgiving folks...
rock on..

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November 23, 2008

welcome baby cedar

we are all celebrating with you deni and boho boy!

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November 18, 2008

happy birthday swirly girl!

her party dress and crashing hot shoes, del mar

Glad I will be able to celebrate with you face to face!

***For you Chicago folks, Christine will be having a book signing at TT Patton's in Barrington, on November 22, 11:00-3:00pm...***

(Keep in mind that TT Patton's no longer located
in the Ice House, but across from Franchesca's downtown)

Hope to see you there!

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sigh. . . .

del mar kiss, sunset, photo by jonatha

such a beautiful time. . .

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November 10, 2008


standing at crabtree, palatine...

we will get through this mom.
we love you. we are with you.
i promise...

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November 09, 2008

the next single thing....

prairie gift, crabtree nature center

its okay and only expected you dont know the official
outcome. i know that doesnt fly as especially comforting
at this point, but it is how it is to be....
if you knew the final destination, you would rush to get
there and miss really crucial scenic routes along the way.

when i was walking on that similar kind of road awhile back,
i remember being so desperate to find that map, and to know
what the end of the journey would look like...i insisited to god/universe
that i needed to know what all of this traveling was for, if i were going
to stay committed to the route.

the only answer i received was one that told me
that the only thing i had to be concerned with was
doing the next single thing that would align myself
with love and spirit.

just the next single thing that would keep me true to my heart.

and by doing that, i would get to the next place with all the gifts and
all the tools and all the strength that would allow me to fully
experience the reward and the freedom that waited for me.

love is at the end of this trip.
i promise you that.
and i swear to god you will never
be so thankful and so aware of
how this journey will give you your life back.
the true life you were destined for.

its okay that you dont know the answers now.
how could you?

just the next single thing my dear.
thats all you have to do,

the rest will be taken care of,
the rest will be laid out for you,
the rest you do not have to figure out...

the next single thing...

(for you thelma, xo louise)

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November 06, 2008

direction. . . .

ginger's porch, the other day...

god's will.
meant to be.
the power of now.
the power of prayer.
positive thinking.
holy guidance.

i get a bit confused with it all.
why some things happen,
why other things dont.

what i should do
or say
or think
or trust
or believe....

just something i was thinking about that day.

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