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September 29, 2008

straight up....

baby Ella,


permission to feel exactly what you are feeling
and make no bones about it.

permission to wear it
permission to say it
permission to express it.

permission to do something completely different
permission to take the day off
permission to break some rules
permission to go to bed early.

permission to ask for help
permission to ask one more time.

permission to take a half hour,
just for you,
only you,
and do one thing that fills you up.

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September 26, 2008

Sweetest Angel....

Jonatha Brooke singing Sweetest Angel, from The Works.
Dance moves and bombastic cuteness by Miles.

On the very last day of the Squam Arts Workshops, Jonatha and Swirly had
a gig at The Bayswater Bookstore in Center Harbor, New Hampshire.

Swirly read excerpts from her new book, Ordinary Sparkling Moments
and Jonatha sang songs from her new cd, The Works.

As Jonatha sang, one very handsome little boy named Miles, (son of Mamma
became totally mesmerized by Jonatha's voice....

....and we became equally mesmerized by him.

And as he swayed back and forth, and glancing back at his Mamma and Papa, and then back to his new rock star crush,
we all nearly fell to pieces.

Jonatha happened to be singing "Sweetest Angel"
and there was no doubt ~ Miles was certainly that angel
in this sparkling moment.

(There wasn't a dry eye in the house...)

I loved that day.
I love my friends.

And I love when the sacred happens so randomly and so perfectly...

So anyhow, I just wanted to share this little snippet with you,
so you get a good dose of it as well.

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September 22, 2008

in case you started to forget...

because i said so, canon xti

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September 18, 2008

i saw you....

the real glass slipper, squam ~ canon 20d

i saw you.

the ones that gave me that smile and a knowing nod.
the one that taught me about sparkly rocks.
the one who hugged me like a lassie come home momma.
the ones who just showed up.

i saw you.

the ones who helped me build a fire.
and the one who made my bed.
the ones who prepared our meals, and
the ones who gave me a break from washing dishes.

i saw you.

the one who sang and the one who read to me.
the one who slipped the note under my door.
the ones who help me clean up after class.
the one who made me my new favorite necklace.

i saw you.

the ones who felt so scared and wanted to just burst,
the ones who came a long way,
the ones who dared,
the ones who are just trying to make it though.
the ones who have made it possible for this camp to continue to exist.

i saw you.

the ones who loved effortlessly
the ones who were so gracious to share
the ones who sat quietly with open hearts.
the ones with their children.

i saw you.

the ones who spent hours and days and minutes preparing for every little thing.
the ones who provided ice and wood and flowers and maps.
the ones who let me totally let loose and hang out and sing sound of music songs.
the ones who couldnt be there but were totally present in my heart.

i saw you.
i felt you.
i heard you.
i honor you.

and i am thankful
and grateful
and so wowed by you the most.

and im still trying to figure out how i can thank all of you in the best possible way,
but until then,
know you were not for a second unnoticed by me.
and i thank you for being a thread that pieced together such a beautiful tapestry in my heart.

i love you.

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September 17, 2008

time of my life....

top of the world, squam paradise ~ canon xti

i had the time of my life....

and i should have more words to describe
such a profound gathering of hearts,
but i do not, (at least not yet....)

on the drive home, all 18 hours of it,
i thought about all the beauty,
all the tenderness,
all the laughing,
all the support,
and all the bravery that i was able to witness and experience ~

my heart was indeed satisfied.

thank you so much for showing up.
love and miss you...

jen gray

****For a great visual diary of our week, take a peek at Andrew's site,
he did the most amazing job at capturing life at squam ...*****

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September 03, 2008

see ya. . . . . . .

the church i go to, flip video,

so, ill be signing off here for a bit as i am off to visit my brother
and his babe in the fine state of Vermont, and then to SQUAM where ill
be assisting Andrea in some mighty delightful superhero classes..

it occurred to me the other day,
that a wish i had made a very long time ago,
is coming true next week....

i wished that i would somehow
be able to re-create my favorite dream job to
show up in my adult life...

that dream job was being a camp counselor
at a summer camp in New Hampshire back in 1987.

a summer camp that is just down the road
from where the Squam Art Workshops is happening...

a reminder to me that the wishes of my heart are so very possible,
even if takes a long time coming about...

ill catch you when im back in the midwest...

peace out...


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September 02, 2008

something good....

monday's tarot, canon xti

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