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October 31, 2007

no tricks, just treats. . .

happy halloween, canon 20d

Treat #2
My favorite new Fall socks.

Treat #3
These boots were made for walkin'.

Treat #4
I won't leave home without him: dr. hauschka.

Treat #5
My kind of hot tub.

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October 23, 2007

ginger's , canon 20 d

the familiar life horizon
has been outgrown;
the old concepts, ideals, and
emotional patterns no longer fit;
the time for passing of a threshold is at hand ...
~ j.campbell

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October 15, 2007

beneath it all . . . . .

what really matters, canon 20 d

it occurred to me that beneath it all,
i felt better for having taken the higher road.

and for knowing i can be comfortable in my own skin for having done so.

i cannot spend time on that which takes
away from the love in my life.

at the end of the day, i still know in my heart
what really matters.

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October 12, 2007

wanting out, canon 20d

“There are days that feel disjointed. Nothing seems to go smoothly. It may be that we are hearing the muffled voice of soul within us, asking us to let ourselves be lost for awhile. We are not machines, but spirits in search of home.”
All the Days of My Life: A Yearbook of Found Sentences for the Human Journey, by Marv and Nancy Hiles

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October 05, 2007

friday's picks

grapes in barga, canon 20d

hope you watched elizabeth gilbert on oprah this morning. her book was essential in my healing.

loving the new cd by annie lennox

adoring this cozy sweater

been sneaking around curious goods

this story about a beautiful son and his great dad made me sob.

enjoying reading gypsy's words.

ive done some updating so be sure to check out more linky loves.

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October 04, 2007

for you ...

out by the farm, canon 20d

a friend of mine recently underwent a high risk
surgery to restore her vision.

its not my story to tell, but in short,

the surgery was a success.

and today, my friend, saw the sky for the first time in years.

so this one is for you my dear.

its the sky out by your old house in union.

i think it missed you just as much.

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October 02, 2007

mayberry. . .

along the way, canon 20d

we have a little place we drive to once a week.
the ride is half the fun, curving roads throughout
the cornfields, pass cows, and pigs, and tractors...

its just a little restaurant in a small boondock town,
filled with regulars, and folks who still pray before their meals.

beautiful elders who order the exact same thing
(cottage cheese instead of fries)
and prefer to sit by the window in a booth.

.....and dining there somehow brings us to a more simple mindset.

away from the pressure of financial success, and the need for pretty
home decor, and the flat stomach , and the 'look how talented my child is',
and all the other weight of social viruses.

its a feeling i treasure.

i am the girl who longs for an andy griffith way of things.
sometimes i wonder if i am the only
chick who desires this.

i guess it doesnt matter.
because he gets me and he gets it,

and we only have to drive a half hour to our own
little mayberry escape.

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