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August 23, 2007


parkingday.jpg big man, little car ~ canon 20d

please take a moment to read about Park(ing) Day

the result of the brilliant REBAR group and one of my personal favorite man folk:
Matthew Passmore. (Watch the clip to understand the full effect.)

Nothing like creative expression to get a needed point across
and way better than picket signs.

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August 21, 2007

retreat. . .

kelly rae, andrea, denise, swirly, kate and moi ~ photo by hottie matt

had a splendid weekend with the girls in san fran.

it reminded me of how i love and need to be surrounded by brave, kind- hearted, encouraging, authentic women. (never mind that each one of these girlies are brilliant, beautiful, creative and talented).

they say choosey mothers choose jif.
well choosey women choose good people to surround themselves with.

life can be tough enough without negative, gossipy, judgemental, jealous, people sucking you dry. its nice to know i have a choice about the type of people i am willing to let influence my life and share my time.

i am lucky that way. thank you dear friends for the gift of your
presence in my life and for contributing to a better road here
on this planet.

***(keri, christine, penny, katrina, and pixie ~ you were all
missed so very much. lionel missed you too)***

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August 15, 2007

off. . .

barga of course, canon 20d

im off to see my girl tribe out in san francisco.
...and i finally get to meet sweet ben and smooch his face!

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August 09, 2007


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designing. . .

in his studio, canon 20 d

we were laughing about the apartment and how it reminded us of when we were in college with borrowed couches and mismatched dishes,
ordering carry out and sitting on folding chairs in the driveway.

no longer concerned with the crown molding and the cocoa brown paint that would really bring out the portrait which hung above the fireplace,
or planning the perfect cocktail party with tiny lights hung in the trees accenting
the fat boquets of wildflowers in mason jars,...

we realized our lives had dramatically jumped the tracks.

while our friends were busy buying their second homes and
upgrading their engagement rings,
we were selling our wedding dresses
(and wishing we could sell the shoes too.)

okay, so the change was tough. and the change was large.
and our hearts took a beating.

but we made it through, and we will be okay.
and folding chairs arent so bad and mismatched
place settings are actually a hip thing these days.

funny how you get set on a lifestyle, and you think "surley, THIS is what life is all about. THIS is the good life.''... and then,
something happens,
and everything you know undergoes a complete shift, and for awhile you wonder if you just might drown...

until one day, you wake up with your borrowed couches in your rented apartment and realize
there are a thousand other things in life that can fill you,
and it is never too late to recreate a new design for your life
(even though you are now officially middle aged).

perhaps getting to see this life with a brand new set of goggles is the
one thing we have been needing the entire time.

this, my dear, is the waking up.
this, is the real good life.

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August 08, 2007

link on it. . .

on the road to san bernadino, canon 20d

some linky love for you...

sweet little bowls from MOB

delicious eye candy

a great milwaukee find: dragonfly vintage

bella luna beads and Deborah's new blog

this fabulous gift from my mom: dna 11

my new favorite shoes

an alternative to Hallmark e-cards

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August 02, 2007

John Bellany....

John Bellany and Mrs. Bertagni, Barga ~ Canon 20d

I have harboured a secret crush. . .
From the moment i saw his work,
I was smitten. So it wasnt any wonder
that when we had dinner with him
and his beautiful wife, Helen,
I was all smiles.

John Bellany
is one of the best known Scottish figurative painters working today. His work is found in museums all around the world. The Queen herself awarded John the CBE in 1994. His work is stunning and rich and awakens those curious little nooks within your soul.

But perhaps what I like best about John, is how down to earth and unaffected he is. Most of us would act like a big pompous ass if we had half the talent as him, but John just keeps it real.

While the rest of the town was swooning and gushing
over the darling Paolo Nutini
I was proud to be representing the John Bellany fan club.
He's my kind of hottie.

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