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October 16, 2006

the scope....

free will astrology

Libra Horoscope for week of October 12, 2006

You're renowned for your balancing acts, Libra.
Seeing both sides of every story is your specialty.
Striving to make opposites attract is an
inclination you were born to cultivate.
You may not always be in the mood to fight for harmony, and you may not always succeed at maintaining equilibrium, but you work harder at these fine arts than any other sign of the zodiac.
Having said all that, though, I will now advise you to rebel against your usual shtick. It's time for you to try out a new unbalancing act--to go to extremes without worrying about covering your ass.
The cosmos is giving you permission to be unapologetically vivacious and mischievously blunt as you say,
"It's my way or the highway."
(P.S. You might want to study the style of your Aries acquaintances.)

will do.

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