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October 29, 2005


speechless, canon 20d

spend a day,
or even just a few minutes
looking into the eyes of someone who lost everything ~
and the reality and perspective of your own life will come
crashing in and leave you slient.

and you will be embarrassed by your recent complaining,
and you will feel a sense of compassion that makes you want
give away everything you have, just to help.
and you will learn to value and appreciate the smallest of things...

this is what has happened to me...

the devastation from Wilma is like nothing i have ever seen..,

i have spoken with those who whose lives have literally
been swallowed up by this beautiful ocean i so worshiped.

and this strange, confusing feeling i have about having been so lucky,
so fortunate...why them? why not me? whats the ryhme or reason? ....

if your loved ones are beside you, healthy and sound, be grateful.
if you have a safe place to rest your head, be grateful.
if you have a warm meal and water to drink, be grateful.
if you have complained about the traffic today while driving home,
be grateful you still have transportation.
if you are dreading going to work tomorrow,
be grateful that you still have a job.

if you are crabby because some guy stole your gas, get over it.
when your hand touches to doorknob of your house
and you walk inside having four walls still standing,
a roof over your head,
and are surrounded by all the things
that give you comfort,
please just know how fortunate you are...

and if you have friends or family that will be there when you need it,
know that you are a king.

im not preaching to you actually,
im speaking these words to myself.
i have taken so much granted.
i have been so caught up in things that really dont matter.

reality check taken,
deeply and humbly so.

prayers for all of you everywhere....

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October 21, 2005






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October 10, 2005


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