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February 17, 2010

Reality Blogging.

my pal, Donk.

it's easy to do.
you begin reading other's blogs
and you see how beautiful, cool, and successful their lives are ~
and instead of being inspired,
you end up feeling like a totally dull and boring loser.

hopefully you are able to take a step back and realize most folks are not going to
post something about the less charming side of things (let's face it, it's a bit more fun to write about the DELISH PIE we just shared with our BEAUTIFUL FRIENDS at an AMAZING CAFE, then it is to write about the pile of bills on the counter or the dirty dishes in the sink)... and these blogs are just a snipit's of people's lives. So keep that perspective.

but, for the sake of reality and pure honesty,
im going to share my less charming list with you today.

*im not having lavender tea and buttered toast this morning.
its a glass of diet coke and eating dry lucky charms out of a mug.

*the one friend i see most on a regular basis is not an artist and prefers peppermint candy over fresh greens. (see above picture..yes. that's him)

*i pick my hair products by what smells best, and these days, it's Finesse, and it's not sold at Whole Foods.

* i beagn re-doing a room in our house but im now weeks into trying to remove four layers of wallpaper and im so annoyed that ive just shut the door to that room and am using it for storage. and if i dont get going on some of this laundry, it is going to become a new closet to hide stuff in when company comes over.

*one of the things i had to do at work last night is clean up a smushed snicker bar chunk that had been stepped on and smeared all over the gym floor.

*yoga? running? pilates? um no. my most recent form of exercise was from digging a trench in the side yard to stop the melting snow river from heading straight into the garage.

*instead of listening to This American Life while i work at the computer, i listen to El Debarge.

*today's outfit? mismatched socks, a really old, a knitted Bears hat and jeans that are total floods.

how's that for glamorous? :)

Posted by jen on February 17, 2010 07:35 AM