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November 02, 2009

A Place of Perspective. . .

cannon beach, oregon

Many of you know it was an exceptionally difficult week because of a serious car accident that 5 dear sweet girls on our team were in.

In a single moment,
the world stopped,
.....and also spun so crazily out of control.

All are safe at home now,
recovering and healing,
(and only because of some kind of divine miraculous intervention)

And we have all been brought to stand in a different kind of place.

It's a place of perspective.
It's a place of the purest kind of love and gratefulness.
It's also a place of some confusion and shock.
It's a place of our worst nightmare and the best kind of miracle.
It's a place of needing to be grounded by what really matters.

I think I can fairly say
we all have been deeply and profoundly changed in some way.

All those things,
the things of worry
the things of annoyance
the things of sadness
the things of distraction...

All those things that fill my mind day in and day out,
were immediately silenced.

And what replaced that space
has been a continued mantra of "this life is holy...this life is sacred...this life is to be cherished..."

The reality of this perspective has hit me so hard it's taken my breath away.
(And it hasn't given it back yet.)

Things like this rip us open
and demand an awakening.
The only way to bring goodness to such a frightening experience
is to make steps in the direction of what honors life and values love.

Ive needed some time the past couple days to be quiet,
to be at home, to let what needs to settle into my heart
do so with grace....Ill catch you on the other side of things...

Thank you again for all of your support and prayers and notes...
You are angels to me...

Posted by jen on November 2, 2009 06:00 AM