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April 28, 2009

the not good enough lie.

Misiones De Kino, cabo

this deal about you not being good enough,
and not being smart enough,
and not being creative enough,
and not being strong enough ~

it's just not working for you anymore.

it's a lie to keep you stuck.

and im not buying it.

and if you say to me, "But even my partner and my family doesnt believe i am capable...."

then i will say to you,
"You need to find and listen to the people who WILL support you,
and arent afriad of you breaking out of the mold."

there isnt a soul on the planet who hasn't experienced the doubtful chatter
alongside the creation.
there isnt a person out there who wasnt somehow discouraged, not supported,
or ridiculed at some point during the pursuit
of their dreams.

but it is your choice of how much air time you are going to give that negative chatter.
and it is your choice of who you are going to allow to influence you and who you will invite to inspire you...

this is your life.

enough already.

you have beautiful things to share with the rest of the world.

now giddy up and get a move on.

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