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November 27, 2008


little rocks, sunset

we have been learning with every
wipe-out, there is always something
or someone still worth getting
up for.

with each diagnosis, we learned to be thankful for the
parts that are still healthy and strong.

with each dark day, we learned to absolutely
treasure the easy sunny ones.

with every news report and worldly update,
we have taken hope in our new President
and the good changes to come.

with the loss of friends and loved ones we
learned to value the days we have still have
left with you.

to be able to say:

"i have shelter.
i have food for my belly,
i have the love of a pal,
i have my freedom,
and i still have some pretty good laughs..."

means you are doing,

and if you have more than that,
these days,
that makes you a king.

learning to be thankful when things are easy and breezy is one thing.
being able to be thankful when you have had a more than a few wipe-outs,
makes you especially beautiful and wise and right on.

happy thanksgiving folks...
rock on..

Posted by jen on November 27, 2008 10:54 AM