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June 26, 2008

that thing. . . .

where is it?, canon 20d

a long long time ago, i loved making art and was able to have a little side
job selling my watercolor paintings. they did well enough and i sold just
about everything i made.

and then i did an art show, and i only sold one painting, and i was out shined by the woman next to me who was selling reindeer faces made out of logs.
someone rolled their eyes at my work and for whatever reason, i stopped painting that day. i put everything in a box up in the attic and let it gather dust.

with a little encouragement from a couple of friends, and inspiration from this chickie specifically, i have reopened that box.
and it has been like an explosion. all this cooped up energy.
i cant wait to get home from work and dive in.
now my hands are speckled with paint and ink and textures and my moleskin journals are gaining weight.

and it feels right.

right now, its the perfect format to express the things that arent getting out otherwise. and im always caught by surprise.

i know in the past, i have felt i must have some sort of talent to "do art".
but that is bullshit. if it feels good to you, than do it. who cares what it looks like.
if it is a helpful avenue for your spirit, than by all means, dive in.

for me its no longer about it looking good, its more of a form of meditative expression. and its one place in my life where i have no rules and no one looking over my shoulder telling me what to do and how to do it.

i dont have to be successful. i only have to let what i love to do have time and freedom to do just that. its like letting your dog run wild in an open field without a leash.

so today,
i encourage you to remember what it is you love,
and to give yourself the freedom to play in that energy for awhile. i promise, something good inside of you will become ignited...

Posted by jen on June 26, 2008 09:06 AM