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May 18, 2008


another leaf on the trail, canon 20 d

i am no better
no more special
no more talented
no more lucky
than anyone else.

i struggle
i cry
i get pissed off.

i worry
i obsess
i get scared
and i get down.

i have a healthy supply of emotional baggage
and a bathroom scale i give the finger to on a daily basis.

i have made 100,000 poor choices to which i
have 100,000 excuses for,
and i have a masters degree in the art of getting into trouble.

and just because i sometimes dress the part of an artsy cool chick
is no indication that i actually am.
in fact,
i am clumsy,
and really the furthest thing from cool.

but i know what makes me feel alive
and what makes my spirit feel free.

i do want to change the yucks inside of me
and i deeply want to assist in healing and loving in
whatever tiny or gigantic way i can.

i have fallen down more times than i have leaped gracefully
and i dance in between heaven and hell so frequently that im sure i have left both the angels and the demons a tad confused.

but when i love, its really big
and when i laugh, its really loud
and i know how to have fun even in the midst of the worst storm.

but really,
im no different than the rest of us walking on this planet,
just trying to the best they can,
with what they've got.

i really do try.

and i know you really try too.

Posted by jen on May 18, 2008 09:26 AM