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December 30, 2007


ruby reds, canon 20 d

i am not making any resolutions.

but i am
making a list of hopes.

i hope my friends and family have really, really, good things happen to them.
i hope the war will end.
i hope we will find the right person to lead this country.
i hope my business will explode. in a good way.
i hope i will be able to travel to the ocean, to the mountains, to the desert,
and to the jungle.
i hope to contribute in small and big ways to the healing and
growth of others.
i hope the hard times will be kept to an extreme minimum.

and the lighter side of hopes include......

i hope i will learn to ride a dirt bike.
i hope i will learn to be a better skeet shooter.
i hope my skirts will find more room around the waist.
i hope i get to see my college friends missy and krissy.
i hope i get to visit with the california chicas.
i hope to take a ton of road trips to small little towns in big open places.
i hope to continue to hear from all of you....

Posted by jen on December 30, 2007 03:06 PM